Woven Tubular Bands of Peru and Bolivia (FULL CLASS)


Laverne Waddington

6 hour workshop: Friday 1-4, Saturday 9-12


Tubular bands are woven in both the highlands and lowlands of Peru and Bolivia. They can be woven as independent bands as well as woven and sewn simultaneously to the edges of textiles for both decorative and practical purposes. The application of the band to the edges of backstrap-woven wool pieces strengthens the edges while also helping to stabilize the curling that can result from the weaver’s use of over-twisted wool warp. In Bolivia the bands are frequently used to decorate the edges of coca leaf bags. Guarani  weavers in lowland Bolivia often use plain-weave tubular bands to protect the edges of their woven pieces. In this workshop, students will use a body-tensioned warp to learn to weave what is considered one of the prettiest bands, known in some areas by the Quechua name “nawiawapa,” or “eye border”.


LEVEL: BEGINNER (Good eyesight and finger dexterity are required.)

Materials Fee: $4

Students to Bring: one metal screw-down type “C” clamp, a pencil and eraser