Fashion Show & Gallery

One of the most important elements of all CNCH conferences is getting inspiration from each other! We really encourage you to bring things to show!

Our Thursday evening social gathering and fashion show is going to be completely un-judged and informal. Everyone with something to wear can wear it! And walk around in it! It’s going to be a fun, positive, inspirational experience for everyone. And wide ranging: It really doesn’t matter which skills you used to make your garment, if you made it, bring it! If you’d rather have a fellow-conference-goer wear it, that’s fine too. Anything goes!

Likewise, we’ll have a nice display area for anything you made that isn’t meant to be worn. If you’d like to label your items in any way, please do so. Again, nothing is judged, everything is welcomed, participation is the key to its success!

The UnGallery

While success is wonderful, we’ve all had our share of creative mishaps, from the stiff-as-a-board scarf that was sett too closely and beaten within an inch of its life, to the wished-for chartreuse colorway that turned out to be, well… puce. So bring your wonky selvedges, treadling errors, lumpety-bumpety handspun, and what-was-I-thinking color mashups and share in our What I Learned Gallery and leave with a finer appreciation for just how far you’ve come on your weaving/spinning/dyeing journey. We will have cards available for you to add to your project describing your learning experience so please bring along your less fortunate projects to share!