CNCHnet Fall 2014

Posted By Web Manager on August 1, 2014



Creativity lies at the heart of all of us, especially here in our special community of artists and craftspeople, where, I believe, there is a higher concentration of innovators and experimenters. I’ve always been a firm believer that my creative impulses come from practice and a willingness to take chances on weird ideas and to roll with the ‘failures’. Always have fun and try to not be too serious.

I believe and advocate that everyone has the capacity for creativity at one level or another, but an article in the Atlantic last week challenged me to think more deeply about what this means to me. Maybe creativity IS a little bit of a talent rather than merely hard work, and we should each cherish that part of ourselves as a gift. A slightly older, second article I found in Slate talks about the challenges of being creative in a world that just wants fast and reliable. It is nice to be surrounded by people that value creative craziness!

I urge you to enjoy this issue of CNCHnet, and remember to thank yourself and those other creative people surrounding you for being special! Thank you, authors for such a great issue!